You have a cryptocurrency that you do not need and you want to get rid of it and get money for it, or you are an investor who wants to find a reliable investment source without risk and with confident daily earnings, then Lomba Group LTD is exactly what you need. This is a unique project of 2019 which provides both opportunities with the most positive results.

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Fast, easy and simple
Crypto loan in the Lomba Group LTD platform

We have created a platform that allows absolutely everyone to take a loan.The unit of the pledge is a cryptocurrency, which having a person can transfer to the company's account without any problems and immediately receive a loan.You will not need to fill out any papers or do some more lengthy procedures that will only take away your precious time and nerves.In our project you don't need to do all these things. To take a loan you just need access to the Internet, the availability of available cryptocurrency on your account and follow a few simple steps, after which you will immediately receive a credit to your personal account.This procedure will not take you more than ten minutes.


Simple registration
Of personal account

Clicking on the appropriate link, fill out the form, indicating all the necessary data including your payment details on which will the loan be accrued.After successful registration, your personal account will be created.


To the company account
Translation of the pledge

After successful confirmation of your application, you need to fill out a form where you will have to specify your account number to return the cryptocurrency and receive the loan, as well as transfer the security pledge and then wait for the transfer of funds to your wallet.


Use for your private purposes
The loan you got

Use the loan for your own purposes and at the end of the term transfer the entire amount, taking into account the commission, to the company’s account getting back your pledge.In case where the cryptocurrency will fall in price, you can refuse to return the collateral, thereby sold the cryptocurrency at a favorable rate.


To issue a loan
Execution of the application

Choose a cryptocurrency that you will use as a pledge, create your personal application conditions, set the receipt amount and the payment term, then send the application and wait for its confirmation.


On a personal account
Transfer credit

Within a minute after the departure of the pledge, the loan amount will be transferred to the payment details specified by you.

24/7 loan processing
Customer assistance

Apply for a loan is possible at any time of the day.The site and technical support also work around the clock, so if you have any problems or questions during the application process, use the feedback to explain your problem, our staff will quickly help you to solve your situation.